Monthly Archives: May 2012

What You Need to Workout at Home

What: 5 gadgets for perfect home workouts. Why: Most exercise equipment and fitness devices are a huge waste of money.  We buy treadmills, weight towers, and ab rollers with the best of intentions, but for most of us, our “home gym” ends up looking more like this: Many of my clients train at home and achieve [...]

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Workouts that Work: 5 Must Do Moves

What: The 5 most effective gym exercises for achieving definition and strength. Why: There are a lot of ideas floating around on how to get tight and toned.  When you train, you must concentrate on these movements or variations there of. Notice there is no mention here of cardiovascular activity.  Train your body to effectively [...]

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De-Clutter Your Life

May 03

What: Tips on how to get organized and live stress free. Why:  Fitness goes much deeper than just 6-pack abs.  It’s about a lifestyle.  Live fit by creating an environment in which you can feel successful.  Here are 5 tips on how to de-clutter, reorganize, and set yourself up for success. 1. Keep a day planner. I [...]

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