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I met Nikki by accident.  When my son was three months old, I went to a women’s retreat with my church and took him.  During one of the sessions, there was a drawing for door prizes and I won a free month of Nikki’s services!  Being three months postpartum with my second child, I was still very “soft” and knew that I would need to start kicking it in gear to get my body back.  I spent several hours that night sitting in the hotel bathroom reading her fitness blog while my little boy slept.  I was so excited… I had no idea what I was getting into, but it sounded fun.

Fast forward a few months.  My time with Nikki has been so valuable.  As a momma to a 2 year old and an infant, I don’t have time to take care of myself.  Having someone tell me exactly what foods to put in my mouth and exactly how to workout has been incredible.  I know that what I’m eating is fueling my body and is nutritionally sound.  I love that my kids are seeing me put value and time into what I eat.  And my daughter has started asking to take salad to school for lunch!  Hahaha… we’ll see how long that lasts.

I’ve made some crazy cool strides in three months.  I have lost 6 pounds (I know, not that impressive — since I’m nursing a baby I’m actually not trying to lose weight) and 3 inches off my waist.  I am a faster runner (used to run about a 10 1/2 minute mile — now I run about an 8 1/2 minute mile).  I am more flexible and I have way more energy.  I used to crash every night around 8 or 9 PM after the kids were asleep (and still be dragging the next day!).  Now I am awake & productive until about 10 PM and wake up on my own around 6 AM.  I feel like the best version of myself, and I love it.



Nikki has been the individual God has brought into my life to make MY life-change.  In December, I started my weight-loss journey at 227 pounds.  Since I began training with her, I have had my “ups and downs” and Nikki has been there to prepare me for them, and guide me through them.  I have lost over 40 inches off my body as well as 39 pounds!  Dropping me from a size 22/24 to my current 14/16.  I had done literally every other weight-loss program before and was skeptical over an “online trainer” but she has become SO MUCH MORE and brought me success for once.  She goes out of her way for her clients she will encourage and accelerate you towards success!  I’m so thankful that Nikki has taught me the principles for a life-long change, and that this is not “just another diet.”

Brittany G.


Nikki is the real deal in the world of fitness. Not only is she incredibly knowledgable and fun to be around, but she is one of the hardest working people I know. She always has an “above and beyond” approach to fitness, which is so inspiring to those who work with her. She looks at every client as an unique individual and is able to customize her fitness approach for each and every person. Nikki offers the “total package” for healthy living — fitness expertise, super smart nutrition advice and gobs of enthusiasm and heart!

Amy R.


I’ve always been conscientious of my health—from eating right (most of the time) to Zumba and other cardio classes to counting calories, carbs, and everything else you can find on a label that you are limited to on diets.  I’ve just never been able to consistently lose weight on any plan I’ve been on, and, trust me, I’ve been on a few.  From the Atkins diet (who actually thought a pound of bacon for breakfast was healthy?), the Weight Watchers diet (where a 14-point Big Mac is acceptable so long as you remain under your 40-point limit), and the Cabbage Soup diet (the name defines itself), I had pretty much tried everything.  Little did I know, I was doing it all wrong from the start.

Immediately after starting Nikki’s customized plan, I started seeing results.  That’s another thing I learned that was wrong with the plans I had tried previously.  Diet plans are not like workout pants where “one size fits all,” everyone is different and needs to eat and work out differently for their bodies to see change.  Not only was I eating healthier and working out more efficiently, I found myself becoming more knowledgeable of the things that I was putting in my mouth.  I had every excuse in the book as to why my weight wasn’t changing—from having to “eat out” frequently because of my occupation in the restaurant business to even just blaming my genetics—but it is because of Nikki’s dedication and knowledge, combined with my willingness to listen and change my life for the better, that I have been able to see success in my weight loss.  At my heaviest, I was 270 pounds, and now, just a short four months after starting this plan, I am down 31 pounds and eight inches in my waist!  It goes without saying that Nikki’s plan has definitely worked for me!

So, to the most dedicated, wonderful, friendly trainer in the world, I am eternally grateful for the things you’ve taught me in just four short months while also allowing me to see results that I didn’t see with countless other plans before.  I am now not only heart healthy, but I am losing weight too.  Thanks again.  You are more than just a personal trainer, you are a valued friend!

Tiffany G.

Tiffany’s transformation!


“Nikki has opened up my eyes to a world filled with nutritious, satisfying food. A world where food doesn’t have to be picked up at a fast food window or made in the microwave. I have a food plan and I am able to stick to that plan which has given me the power to say no to those unhealthy foods that use to leave me hungry and feeling bad about myself.”

Nina, K.