Crisis Averted

Crisis Averted

Aug 11

What: How to handle social situations that could sabatoge your fitness efforts.

Why:  No matter how hard you’re working to eat clean at home, societal situations are bound to pop up and detract from the plan.  Work hard to always have a fitness strategy in place so that you don’t get caught off gurad.  Fit folks tend to operate like Girl Scouts; we’re always prepared.

Here are 5 common diversions and how to prevail:


1.  The Office Party

Birthdays, retirements, holidays.  Any of us who work outside the home are bound to encounter corporate celebrations complete with party trays, baked sweets, and soda.  My advice. . . .opt out.  Even a well intentioned visit to the veggie platter is destined to be detracted with a stop at the cupcake stand.  Bob the Janitor’s Going Away Party is not your best opportunity to excel.  Carry your lunch and snacks to work just as you normally would and capitulate the festivities with a cup of coffee.


2.Family Bar-B-Que

A bar-b-que is generally a safe environment to eat clean. The biggest challenges at a cook-out are portion control and not following a game plan.  Feel free to ask in advance what’s being served so you can arrive with an auspicious strategy.  Plan your plate, eat what’s on it, then stop when you’re done.  Don’t stand over serving tables and graze; enjoy the fellowship of being with friends and family.

Certify your success and volunteer to bring a few of your own clean eatting cookout favorites.  Fresh fruit, black bean and corn salad, and grilled chicken breasts are universal crowd pleasers.


2. Dinner Out & You Get to Pick

Perpetually eating out will thwart your fat loss efforts due to exorbitant amounts and hidden calories.  In moderation, however, a night out can provide a little variety and a nice break from laboring in the kitchen.

Next time you’re heading out and you get to pick, steer your party in the direction of American fare found in casual or fine dining atmospheres, bar-b-que joints, or steakhouses.  These types of restaurants are your best bet for finding lean grilled or broiled meats like chicken, turkey, salmon, or white fish, plain baked or sweet potatoes, and grilled or steamed vegetables or a small green salad.  Enjoy with water or unsweetened tea, pass on the bread basket, and you can dine guilt free.


3. Dinner Out & The Other Couple Picked

This one can be really tricky.  It’s Saturday night and the Jones’s have invited you to Las Muchas Queso for couples night.  Be a gracious guest and work extra hard to go into the situation with a game plan.  Most restaurants have menus online and even offer calorie restricted plates.  Plan what you’ll be having ahead of time, have a light snack an hour or two before you go, and enjoy a cup of decaf while the rest of the group is having dessert.  Remember, you’re going for the fellowship, not the extra fat and calories found in the flan.

4. You’re The Guest

If someone has gone to the effort and expense of inviting you to their wedding or other sit down dinner, eat what’s served.  These types of special events don’t come around often, and someone else has spent money and time planning on you being there and participating in the affair.  This is not liscense to face plant into the buffet or groom’s cake.  Eat what’s served to you.  Indulge in a small piece of cake or dessert, and then get right back on your plan the next day.

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