De-Clutter Your Life

De-Clutter Your Life

May 03

What: Tips on how to get organized and live stress free.

Why:  Fitness goes much deeper than just 6-pack abs.  It’s about a lifestyle.  Live fit by creating an environment in which you can feel successful.  Here are 5 tips on how to de-clutter, reorganize, and set yourself up for success.

1. Keep a day planner.

I have found since becoming a full-time stay at home mom, keeping a day planner is more valuable than ever.  It makes me feel more successful, more confident, and gives me more ownership over each day.  Plenty of occasions will arise to detract from the plan.  However, keeping a planner ensures that every day is well thought out and filled with intention and purpose.   

2.  Reduce the “noise.”  

We all have a pile in our home that replicates the one above.  It may be your kitchen table, a corner of a closet, or even an entire room.  No matter where, it’s creating “noise.” This noise will eventually make you feel like you are failing at things completely unrelated to the condition of your junk drawer.  Your sense of accomplishment, value, and self worth can all be tied into an overflowing closet or dirty floorboard of your car.

Reduce the noise by starting slow.  Start by spending 30 minutes each week tackling the easiest and least anxiety producing areas.  Throw away trash, put up valuable belongings, and donate or consign clothes, art, electronics, or toys that are no longer being used.  It might also be helpful to put a limit on yourself of items that you have in quantities.  Keep only 15 rubber bands at time or cap your magazine stacks at 5 inches.   

3.  Get organized.

Once you’ve purged what you no longer need, organize what’s left.  Start by grouping similar objects together and designating homes for like things.  Try putting items such as toiletries and dry goods in clear plastic tubs so you can always see what you have on hand.  Digitalize photos, documents, videos, and music.  And look for stylish solutions for storage at places like The Container Store, Ikea, or even your local Target.

4.  Opt out.

Even Cyber Space can get messy.  Start by responding to any pending E-mails you have left ignored.  Then hit the delete button.  Clean out folders on your desktop, delete unused icons, and erase old e-mails that no longer need your attention.  Unsubscribe to any newsletters or E-blasts that you do not read on a regular basis.  Don’t forget to remove your name from direct postal mail lists, too.  Sites like will contact catalog and marketing companies on your behalf to remove you from mailing lists.    

5.  Shop smart.   

Evaluate your needs and create a shopping list before any outing.  Then stick to it!  Resist the urge to stock up simply because an item appears to be a deal or is on sale.  If it’s not on the list, pass it up.

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