Macked Ranked: Favorite Resources

Macked Ranked: Favorite Resources

Oct 25

What: Some of my favorite resources for information on living fit.

Why:  The fitness industry is constantly growing and changing.  I love staying abreast of new research and information, but I also ground myself in tried and true fitness truths.

Here are a few of my favorite “go to’s”:


1.  Favorite Nutrition Resource: The Eat Clean Diet, Tosca Reno


Tosca is the progenitor of all things “eating clean.”  A mother of three, Reno is renowned for her contributions to the fitness industry, her monthly column in Oxygen Magazine, and her book series on clean living.  The entire collection is resourceful, but I recommend The Eat-Clean Diet as a good introduction.  Beyond that, The Eat-Clean Cookbook and The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids are great supplements to this publication.

2. Favorite Exercise Resource: The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, Adam Campbell


This compilation of training programs, exercise demonstrations, and fitness tips can be used to customize a plan to target your specific goals.  With workout titles such as The Prenatal Workout, The Wedding Workout, The Lose-the-Last-10-Pounds Workout, and The Skinny Jeans Workout, you are destined to find something in this book to cater to your needs.  You will also appreciate the clear pictures with easy to follow movement demonstration.


3. Favorite All Around Diet and Exercise Plan: Look Better Naked!, Michele Promaulayko and Maura Rhodes

Keep in mind that these resources are references; no general program is going to be an infallible fit for every person.  For example, in my opinion, this program offers a meal plan that is too calorie restrictive.   It is, however, a wonderful starting point and offers a variety of macronutrient sources, interesting food pairings, and some weekly splurges.  I’m also a fan of the highly effective and efficient circuit training program implicated in this plan.  If you like a variety of foods and are limited on the gym time, this plan is for you.


4. Favorite Web Site:

Again, remember that none of these references are without fault.  This site operates on user contributions; many of the “healthy” recipes you’ll find here aren’t necessarily appropriate for all users.  However, this site offers a gigantic database of healthy recipes.  You can search meals based on macronutrient needs, calories, prep time, and even ethnic origin.  Spend some time browsing around here for ideas for weekly dinners, kid’s lunches, smoothies, or even your next tailgate.


5. Favorite for Mind, Body, & Soul: Made to Crave, Lysa TerKeurst

Let’s face it, our bodies were not built to last forever.  We are blessed with the charge to take care of them while we’re here on Earth, but we have to be eating, drinking, exercising, and living for something beyond ourselves.  In this easy to read devotional, Lysa addresses our deepest desires for God’s redeeming grace and our need to give ourselves over the One who created us.  You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, and changing as you join Lysa in this journey to find ultimate satisfaction outside of the brownie box.