What You Need to Workout at Home

What You Need to Workout at Home

May 20

What: 5 gadgets for perfect home workouts.

Why: Most exercise equipment and fitness devices are a huge waste of money.  We buy treadmills, weight towers, and ab rollers with the best of intentions, but for most of us, our “home gym” ends up looking more like this:

Many of my clients train at home and achieve amazing results with little equipment.  Here I’ve listed the top 5 pieces to turn your clothes-line-treadmill into something that more resembles this:

(Okay. . . so maybe I’m exaggerating. . .but a girl can dream . . . right?)

1. Foam Roller

Foam rolling is beneficial for athletes, runners, and general populations alike.  Muscle activation and active release therapy are being touted as some of the greatest therapy techniques for both injury treatment and prevention.  Using a foam roller allows you to use the pressure of your own body weight to perform self myofascial release.  A quick Google or You Tube search of foam rolling sequences will offer boundless techniques for treatment of quads, IT bands, calves, lats, glutes, etc.

Foam rollers can be found at most big box retail outlets, such as Target and Wal-Mart, as well as online.  Prices range from $15-$50.

2.  Resistance Tubing

Resistance tubing is a no-brainer investment for the home exerciser.  It’s inexpensive, takes up relatively no space, and is highly effective for use in a wide variety of resistance training techniques.  To facilitate effective training programs, I recommend investing in an assortment of tubes that offer a variety of resistance levels.  Look for ones like CrossFit Resistance Tubing Band Set, available on Amazon.com for $27.95.

3.  Exercise Bench

An exercise bench is a wonderful addition to any home workout space.  It provides a platform for use with free weights and can be used to provide multiple levels for body weight movements.  While an adjustable bench provides the most modification for a variety of movements, a lack of space or budget may dictate a less expensive stationary bench.  New benches range from $50-$200.

I suggest first checking Craig’s List or local yard sales for benches and other workout equipment.  You may be able to come across great deals on barely or gently used gems. For those who are truly limited on space or budget, an exercise ball will run you less than $10 and can be used in many instances in place of a workout bench.

4. Adjustable Weights

Weight training is most effective when done with . . .well. . . weights!  If you’re just starting out, invest in a couple of bells to get you through.  5-15 lbs should do the trick.  Once you’re ready to grow your resources, however, I am a huge fan of adjustable dumbbells.  While they can be a bit pricey, adjustable bells take up very little space and give you instant access to a large variety of weights.  I own a set from Bowflex just like these.  Again, check Craig’s list, eBay, and yard sales for a deal.

5.  Doorway Pull Up Bar

Some of you are going to think I’ve completely lost my mind on this one.  No movement, however, offers the same strength benefit as the pull up.  Even if you’re a novice to pull ups, or think that you could never perform one, a properly installed doorway pull up bar is a wonderful addition to your home workout space.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this short You Tube clip to see how you can utilize your resistance tubing to do pull ups on your own.  Most are available around $20-$40.